March Memories: Springing Forward

March has the magic of transformation within it’s month. We all had the pleasure of watching the snow come and go, and were delighted to be in the sun more and more each day.

We use @bullfrogpower to provide us with 100% green energy, and doubled down on our commitment to the planet by celebrating Earth Hour 2019 on March 30th. We hope your Earth Day was a successful, candle lit or star lit evening!

Also, Way to go School-agers! Your video on e-waste recycling has won the March Change Challenge from Living Green Barrie. If you’d like to stay up to date on events we are doing at Discovery Child Care, follow us on Facebook.   

My first week in new Preschool Room

Innovators, creativity, friendship, kindness, collaboration, laughter, meditation, communication, scientists-discoveries. These words and so much more summarize the first week we’ve had in the preschool room.

Thank you to all of the familiar faces who have made my return back to Discovery Harvie Road the most amazing experience ever and for all the new families that I have been privileged to get to know over the past week, thank you for your kindness and welcoming spirit. It has been so much fun getting to build relationships with all of you.

These snapshots provide some insight into all of the experiences that we have had with the preschool children. The preschool children have a strong ability to cultivate belonging among their peers; this is seen in their kindness and collaboration in group experiences.

They use their many languages of learning to express themselves creativity with a variety of mediums. They cultivate the well-being of themselves and others through mindfulness practices and kind and respectful communication strategies.

They are actively engaged in all experiences and are facilitating a strong foundation for a love of life long learning, all thanks to the responsive and caring educators in the program.

I look forward to the opportunity to make each child’s learning visible through documentation of their learning journey at Discovery Child Care. And I look forward to see how our relationships continue to flourish in our preschool program.

Thank you to Steph and Tonya who have welcomed me so openly into the program and for continuing to provide a high quality program for the preschool children. “Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on the Earth. For what they believe is what they will become” – Brooke Hampton.

I look forward to so many more weeks together, Jessica Rece.

Kinder Room: Creating a forest outside!

It was a brisk, cool morning the day after the big snow storm we had. In the Nature Classroom, the children were busy playing in the snow, making snow angels and looking for pieces of ice. EB and AH started collecting small twigs and sticks around the yard that had come off the trees during the storm.

They brought them over to the nature art table and noticed a small snow drift on the table. EB stuck one of the twigs into the snow. AH added a few of her twigs to it as well, saying “We are making a forest”.

RM came over and asked his friends what they were doing. “Can I help?” he asked joining in on the fun. Other friends noticed and added some other neat things they found including a couple leaves, birch bark, and a piece of an evergreen tree. “It looks just like our forest” RC said when it was all done.

The children were so happy with the forest they had built. After lunch, we set out play dough and added sticks, pine cones, bark and grass. The children were able to recreate the forest they made outside with the materials provided.

EN decided to make a small shelter. He used the pieces of bark for the walls and flattened some play dough for the bottom of the shelter. “I made a mouse house,” he said. EB made another forest with her sticks and play dough. It was so neat to see the children’s perspective of what a forest looks like.

April showers bring May flowers! Keep up with the kids by following our Facebook! If you’d like to learn more about our child care centres, please contact us today. We’ll see you here next month!​​

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