Weekly Menus

We are committed to providing healthy meals and snacks based on Canada’s Food Guide.

One hot lunch and two snacks (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) will be provided daily for children ages 12 months-6years enrolled in our full day programs.

We also provide 2% milk at lunch and water for your child throughout the day.

Water is an important part of a child’s daily well being. Water is important for healthy brain development and it lessens a child’s sugar intake for the day promoting good dental hygiene. Our goal is to promote a healthy enjoyment of water.


Our Weekly Menus

Menus are posted on our family information board and on our website. With the exception of special occasions (e.g. birthdays), junk food will not be served.

Allergies and special diets may be able to be accommodated.

Children enrolled in full day school age programs (PD days, school holidays, summer camp) are required to bring their lunch and snacks daily. Please see our Brown Bag Policy next page.

Weekly Menus

What is a Forest School?

A forest school is an outdoor education model that focuses on using outdoor spaces to help children learn personal, social and technical skills. To put it simply, forest schools take the learning outside.

Why a Forest School? Forest School Kindergarten