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Discovery Child Care brings nature into the classroom and takes the classroom into nature, offering an environmentally aware foundation of early learning for children, from infants to school-age.


It is with so much sadness that we say good bye and conclude Elle's Chapter at Discovery, however, I will forever be grateful for the many experiences and lessons that Discovery offered her. Thank you for devoting so much of yourself to creating a place that nurtures a still and slow, wonder-filled childhood; I know that Elle is taking away so much with her that has helped shape who she is and who she will become. I am so thankful that Elle was able to experience her first year of kindergarten within the authentically beautiful little world that is Discovery. I will always look back on this previous time in Elle's life with appreciation; grateful that she was able to spend a formative year within her childhood focusing on nurturing her sense of wonder, learning how to explore while having her very first independent adventures, understanding the importance of being inquisitive and asking questions, practicing the art of authentic play while incorporating the environment around her, and of course supporting her innate love of the natural world around her and the importance of making her own "discoveries". While a part of me wishes she could remain at Discovery forever, I know that because of Discovery she is ready to embrace the next chapter that awaits her.

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I feel compelled to send you a bottom of the heart, deep-felt kind of thank you. We are less than 2 months into Katie's transition to her "new school" at Discovery and we couldn't feel more pleased with the change. As expected, we had to wait for Katie to get past her initial fear of the unknown, and get comfortable with her new friends and teachers, but I think we can safely say that we are now past that hurdle, and she is super comfortable and happy with where she is now. It is easy to say that she is very comfortable with her new teachers when we see her willingly run into their arms and give big hugs at the end of the day. One observation we have noted is that she is a calmer child after pickup. We think this is due to the fact that she gets to spend so much time outside. We also think she is being fed VERY well with lots of opportunity to go back for seconds if she's still hungry. She now even shares bits of information with us about her day which is another exciting new change. How can she not be excited to tell her stories given all the cool adventures and experiences that stand out in her memory as she reflects on her day??  We absolutely LOVE the communication that you facilitate with the parents. The blog and facebook updates are a true blessing for us as we love to get a wee glimpse into what Katie's life is like when we are not around. I know we can't be helicopter parents forever, but it's absolutely fabulous to read stories about all of the amazing things that the kids get to do each week. The structure of the Forest School is truly amazing - giving kids the freedom to explore and discover and use their imaginations to create their own fun. We love how the children are encouraged to challenge themselves with the ropes and saws and more! We even love how the kids are allowed to get as dirty as they like!! We don't mind the extra laundry since we know that it is a necessary part of having fun and enjoying nature! We feel so fortunate to have found a spot at Discovery and are so thrilled to think about all of the amazing experiences that still await as spring arrives. Katie is already talking about the changing of the seasons and we can't wait for her to participate in the planting and growing of the gardens. We eagerly await all of the dirty clothes to come! Thank you so very very much for dreaming up and creating this amazing place!

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Heather G

My daughter has been attending Discovery Child Care since she was 18 months old and has been enrolled in the Forest ‘kinder’ program for the past 2 years. The experiences that children are getting at Discovery are unlike that of any other child care facility in the area (if not in all of Ontario!). My daughter spends the majority of her time, summer and winter, outside where the kids get to push their imaginations to the limits work in a beautiful, safe, outdoor setting. She exhibits a great love of the outdoors and when we are out on our own family adventures, she is the one teaching us about the wilderness! The kids are constantly learning about the eco-system, vegetation, birds, wildlife, even how to plant/harvest their own gardens! Most importantly, they are being taught the importance of being environmentally friendly and leaving the tiniest footprints possible. We love this program and we will miss it dearly next year (when my daughter moves on to Senior Kindergarten). She has learned so much that I can say she honestly would not have in any other center and she has made truly memorable memories here thanks to the wonderful teachers & friends here at Discovery.

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Amy B

know Isla's only been full time for three weeks or so, but we notice such a change in her already. Using sign language for her colours! New songs every day! Climbing trees (including a wee fall on Friday!) And most importantly her love of the outdoors. We've noticed her crouching down outside in the backyard, looking at bugs and snails, lowering her voice, telling her friends (us included) to not touch them and don't scare them. Forest school is everything I wanted it to be for her and more! We found a bug in the laundry room and she started yelling "don't kill it, don't kill it!" I said, "I'm not going to kill it!" Meanwhile, Ian is asking, "What is all the fuss about?" I said, "Isla is worried I'm going to kill the bug! I'm only trying to get it outside!" And she can't stop talking about gardening! I knew that Discovery was the place for our family in January, but I will never forget how you helped our family transition to me returning to work. And now, seeing these changes in Isla in only a few short weeks, I'm amazed and very grateful.

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Michelle B

After 5 wonderful years at Discovery, I must inform you that Chloe's last day at the centre will be Friday February 14th, 2014. I cannot thank you enough for the remarkable experience you and the team have provided for my daughter. Discovery Child Care has had such a positive influence on Chloe's development, and we will both miss you all as we move forward with our lives. With Appreciation.. ​

Jennifer F

You have created amazing Daycare Centers. For me Discovery just isn’t a daycare, it is more like an extended family. Karen you and Michelle have a great ability of hiring amazing teacher for the children. Each teacher my children have had has created bonds with my kids and have truly cared. Karen I am grateful to you for all your knowledge and guidance you have given me with regards to help out in the medical and social community for my son. Your knowledge and support is endless and it is appreciated. The environment and programs you have created for the children are outstanding. With your programs I am very confident that my daughter is ready for Kindergarten and will have a successful transition. I am very grateful my children have been (and are) at Discovery daycare!

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Tanya E ​

just want to add that We have LOVED Discovery Child Care – both of my kids have had wonderful and enriching experiences at both centers (Willow and Big Bay Point) – we have loved the staff and the facilities and the other families that attend daycare – it is difficult for me to stop bringing them – but of course it doesn’t work in the new school area that we have moved to. Thank-you very much Karen!

Laura D

We would like to commend staff on a well organized and effectively run programme. The day care offers an inviting atmosphere conducive to optimal learning opportunities. Supervision is used as a pleasant educational interaction and children appear to be happy and content.

Child Care Representative, County of Simcoe

I just wanted to send you a quick note to express how pleased I am with Abby's move to the Kinder room. She has only been there for a couple weeks and the learning has been amazing. At dinner time she talks all about the things she has learned, the great thing is she is excited to share this - even before we ask her - for example, last week it was all about Bears - she named them all and where in the world they were located. Tonight as I was getting dinner ready she said..."mommy, do you know what happens when we put garbage in the water.....the fish get sick !! I loved it... she told me how important recycling is and how we must keep our waters clean. I of course will pass on my comments to Jenny and Rebecca but I thought I would also share them with you. Thanks again for providing such great care and learning opportunities for Abby.

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Carol S

Thanks, Michelle! What a fun email to receive in the middle of the work day :-). I really appreciate all of the efforts made by Discovery to give us glimpses of what our little ones are doing during the day while we're missing them!​

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Heather G

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