Nature Classrooms

“1st Certified Nature Explore Classroom in Canada! (2012)”

“We first need to teach children to love the earth before we can ask them to save it.” Inspiration from the Working Forum on Nature Education for Young Children, Nebraska Oct 2006


We believe that being outdoors in beautiful, natural environments is an essential experience for all children. Research continues to show that nature reduces stress, increase attention span and foster healthy brain development. It is critical to a child’s health and to the healthy development of the whole child.

Children are given the opportunity to interact daily with materials found in nature and in the process become thoughtful stewards of the earth we share.

We are the first in Canada to have our Nature Explore Classroom certified by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation!

Outdoor Learning Centres

  • Natures Art Area

    Where natural materials can be used to create mosaics and patterns, children can experiment freely using creative process.

  • Building/Constructing Zone

    Hands-on physics/engineering principles, experiment, problem solve, cooperation, team work, working with natural materials, tree blocks.

  • Messy Materials Areas

    Use their imagination, experiment with a variety of natural objects, practice carrying heavy objects, and feel a sense of accomplishment and personal mastery over the environment.

  • Mud Kitchens

    Soil, sand, water, herbs, pots, pans plus so much more! Children can create, pretend, experiment, discover and play in the mud!

  • Natural Plants

    Trees/bushes/flowers/rocks: areas for exploration and discovery, natural habitat for wildlife.

  • Under-the-Tree House

    Dramatic play, social/emotional development, problem solving skills, conflict resolution, caring pro-social behaviour.

  • Sound Garden

    Experiment with sound, creative exploration, music and movement, play the Akambira, Whale Drum, Bongo’s, Xylophone.

  • Children’s Gardens

    Plant, grow, nurture, taste, smell, touch, observe.

  • Sunshade Covered Sandbox

    Experiment, build, cooperate, problem solve, construct.

  • Peace Garden

    Native pollinator plants, seating area for reflection and conflict resolution.


Fire Pit

Sparking their curiosity and providing an opportunity for supported risk. Gathering around a fire can create a sense of belonging and can be a sensory experience for children. The smell of the smoke, the heat of the flames and colour of the embers. The smell of the food cooking, and of course the taste! Children learn the methodology of fire lighting, the theory of combustion and can experience the joy and satisfaction of mastering a difficult skill. An opportunity for story telling and group gathering experiences.



Snowshoeing, tool use, ropes (knots and lashings), hammocks, bikes, balls, sports, games, chalk, shopping carts/carriages, water play, parachute games, basketball, bubbles, sensory activities, art easels, dramatic play, running, jumping, dancing, exploring, experimenting, and so much more! Tennis court, sports court (basketball, four square etc) and in the winter a skating rink!

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