Wintery Wonders at Forest School

Monday morning we all woke to more snow!  The fluffy white flakes over much of the weekend and the temperature was perfect for enjoy it all!  We brought crazy carpets and sleds along with us but thought we would take a walk through our forest first to see if we could spot any signs of animals.  The snow offered plenty of opportunity to see all kinds of animal tracks all through the woods. Some went from tree to tree, some zig zagged along the sides of the trail and others were noticed atop snow covered logs.

We wondered who had made the tracks and came up with some ideas as we went along.  Squirrels, we know, go from tree to tree and, looking up, we noticed a lot of squirrel nests so we figured that much of the tracks we could see belonged to them. Because our forest is used by other people, we wondered if the zig zagging track might belong to a dog that may have been out for a walk with its owner.  We also got a good look at large wasps nest that has been made more visible by the lack of leaves on the trees.

We were full of excitement and, therefore, less than quiet so we didn’t get to see any animals as we made our way through the trails.  We did enjoy making tracks of our own as we moved along and climbing over snow covered fallen trees that crossed our path.

After making our way across the snowy field, it was finally time to get the crazy carpets and sleds up the hill and we couldn’t wait to hop on them!

It took a few runs to pack down some of the snow but, soon, we were flying!  We noticed that the blue sleds were really fast and we offered turns to our friends and even our teachers!

We piled on the sleds, sometimes three friends at once, and this is when we went the fastest and the farthest!  We took turns pulling the sleds back up the hill, at times trying to pulling our friends up on them. This was not an easy thing to do but we kept trying and even had a laugh at ourselves as we struggled to make it back to the top! We had races against one another and even had a few crashes but it was so much fun to enjoy the soft snowy landings and we squealed with laughter and delight with each crash or wipe out.  We are becoming very independent in this new found favourite activity as we work to get ourselves onto the crazy carpets by ourselves (which is no easy task) and offer to give our friends a push to get them going down the hill. We invite our teachers into our experiences but rely less and less on them for assistance each time we head for the toboggan hill and we are really proud of this!

Some of our other snowy experiences included playing beneath the pines, hiding or shaking the snow from the branches on top of ur heads and taking time to look up as we plopped down in the snow to make beautiful snow angels!

A perfect winter morning flew by as quickly as our sleds few down the hill and we were soon back at the centre for a cozy lunch together.

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