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September Smiles: Watching Our Butterflies Hatch, Jumping in Puddles and Our Annual Fall Food Drive

Summer has finally come to an end but that won’t stop the smiles spreading from all of us here at Discovery Child Care. Do you remember from our July blog the moment a new friend joined our butterfly habitat? Well this month was a great surprise when we came in to find the beautiful monarch had hatched. 

Other amazing things we’ve done this month include jumping in puddles (it’s rainy season after all), picking fresh pears and kicking off our annual fall food drive.  

The children looking at caterpillars

Hatching butterflies

We came into a wonderful surprise on Monday morning. One of our beautiful monarch butterflies hatched. We have really enjoyed watching the whole process from beginning to end.

We had collected two big caterpillars and some milkweed in the Nature Classroom and brought them into our room. A few days later, much to our surprise, we noticed a teeny tiny caterpillar. And then another, and another. Every day we watched the tiny little monarch caterpillars munch, munch and munch on the milkweed plants brought in from the Nature Classroom. We noticed with amazement how much those tiny little caterpillars grew from one day to the next. 

A caterpillar in our Nature Classroom

One by one the monarchs grew and grew, shedding their skin along the way. Once they had eaten enough they were ready for the change. The children noticed that one of the caterpillars was stuck to the top of the habitat in the shape of a letter “J”. Our friends thought it was getting ready to make its chrysalis. The very next day, there was a beautiful green chrysalis hanging where that caterpillar was. The children were so excited.

We discussed that it takes about 10 days for the caterpillar to become a butterfly. We waited and watched all the other caterpillars get bigger and bigger and change into a chrysalis as well. 

It was so wonderful to come in Monday morning and see the beautiful monarch fluttering around in the habitat. The children were so excited to show each and every friend that came into the room. We let him go free out in the Nature Classroom. He flew high in the sky and the children all waved goodbye. Only four more to go!!

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Rainy Day Puddle Jump

This video speaks for itself! The joy of puddle jumping

Posted by Discovery Child Care Centre on Monday, September 23, 2019

Fresh pears for sale

In September, fresh organic pears were handpicked by the forest school kindergarten class on its way to Barrie Native Friendship Centre Food pantry. There are still lots more on the tree too.

We are currently selling all organic pears for $2/lb, with all proceeds going to the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund.

Children picking pears
Children picking pears

Help our food drive!

The Discovery Fall Food Drive has begun! Please help us raise items for the Barrie Native Friendship Centre’s Food Pantry.

They also serve the homeless population so single serve items that don’t require cooking are very welcome – such as tuna, crackers, granola bars, etc. Our Kindergarten and School Age classrooms will be organizing the drive.

Thank you!

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