Heather G

I feel compelled to send you a bottom of the heart, deep-felt kind of thank you. We are less than 2 months into Katie’s transition to her “new school” at Discovery and we couldn’t feel more pleased with the change. As expected, we had to wait for Katie to get past her initial fear of the unknown, and get comfortable with her new friends and teachers, but I think we can safely say that we are now past that hurdle, and she is super comfortable and happy with where she is now. It is easy to say that she is very comfortable with her new teachers when we see her willingly run into their arms and give big hugs at the end of the day. One observation we have noted is that she is a calmer child after pickup. We think this is due to the fact that she gets to spend so much time outside. We also think she is being fed VERY well with lots of opportunity to go back for seconds if she’s still hungry. She now even shares bits of information with us about her day which is another exciting new change. How can she not be excited to tell her stories given all the cool adventures and experiences that stand out in her memory as she reflects on her day??  We absolutely LOVE the communication that you facilitate with the parents. The blog and facebook updates are a true blessing for us as we love to get a wee glimpse into what Katie’s life is like when we are not around. I know we can’t be helicopter parents forever, but it’s absolutely fabulous to read stories about all of the amazing things that the kids get to do each week. The structure of the Forest School is truly amazing – giving kids the freedom to explore and discover and use their imaginations to create their own fun. We love how the children are encouraged to challenge themselves with the ropes and saws and more! We even love how the kids are allowed to get as dirty as they like!! We don’t mind the extra laundry since we know that it is a necessary part of having fun and enjoying nature! We feel so fortunate to have found a spot at Discovery and are so thrilled to think about all of the amazing experiences that still await as spring arrives. Katie is already talking about the changing of the seasons and we can’t wait for her to participate in the planting and growing of the gardens. We eagerly await all of the dirty clothes to come! Thank you so very very much for dreaming up and creating this amazing place! ​

— Heather G

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